Premature Ejaculation

About one third of American men have experienced this problem. Premature ejaculation is often due to the lack ofawareness of sensory mechanisms and body’s sensitive areas.

Micro penis

This is mostly performed for aesthetic reasons. Therefore, recommended ways for enlarging penis should be ....


20 million people in America have experienced impotency. Impotency is the inability of the penis to get or keep erectile firm enough for sexual intercourse.


Physical side effects: in men: osteoporosis, lumbar discs, weak eyes, underweight, cardiac arrhythmias, complications such as thyroid and heart failure, ..

Sexual counselling

According to US statistics, 3 out of 10 men and 4 out of 10 women suffer from sexual disorders.

golden erect

It is the most recent device in Europe for treating sexual inability, increasing size and correcting the deviation of the penis.

About one third of American men have experienced this problem. Premature ejaculation is often due to the lack ofawareness of sensory mechanisms and body’s sensitive areas. Sexual partners need to know each other. These people often do not suffer from major psychological problems. Some of the main reasons include anxiety, excitement, negative experiences such as masturbation- illegitimate sexual relationships and etc.

This issue is very common worldwide, especially in large cities and is one of the important factors leading to high rate of divorce and addiction in Tehran.

Treatment: a pack of herbal medicines, vacuum pump and its vibrator, dietary instructions, intellectual exercises and recommendations regarding foreplay, intercourse technique, acupuncture, vibrating condom, stretching devices (Golden Arquette or extender) and … which will be explained in 1 or 2 counselling sessions.

Treatment varies in different persons and depends on factors such as age, occupation, culture, location, disease history and …..


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How to deal with common side effects: vasectomy has no systemic and considerable long-term side effect and possible complications are limited to the surgery area. These include: pain, irritation and bruising of the area which spontaneously resolve after a week. How to deal with less common side effects: 1) hematoma, 2) skin infection in the surgical area or Epididymo- orchitis, 3) congestive epididymitis and chronic testicle pain. In case of any of the mentioned complications, you should visit associated vasectomy centers. Absolute contraindications: it should be noted that there are no absolute contraindications for vasectomy, but in some cases, it should be performed with caution, or should be delayed or referral to a more equipped center may be indicated. These include: scrotum injury or previous surgical history, varicocele and large hydrocele, unilateral undescended testicle ( vasectomy is performed on the descendent side and in case of observing sperm in semen fluid after 3 month, vasectomy will be conducted on other side also.)


Shockwave therapy (a novel treatment)
An effective therapy for premature ejaculation with an easy technique
Only a few minutes long
2 to 6 sessions
5 to 10 days intervals between sessions
Premature ejaculation is curable….
Shock wave is a type of sound waves with mechanical pulses which carries controllable energy. This wave consists of a positive short term pressure which abruptly is increased and a maximum level is reached and then the pressure is decreased and a negative pressure is generated in a short time.
Powerful and controlled energy can penetrate different tissues in the body without severe pain or feeling uncomfortable.
According to the studies, external shock wave therapy with low intensity has been suggested for treating impotency, sexual disability, premature ejaculation and micro- penis.
These studies have shown that this type of therapy has positive clinical and physiological effects on male erection functionalities which are responsive to phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors (such as Viagra, PDE3IS) and improves erection.
Evidence are also indicative of penis endothelial and hemodynamic function improvement, along with better erection in people less responsive to PDE5IS agents. Considering the potentials, rehabilitation effects and the ease of the procedure, it is a very appealing novel treatment which can be used in erection disorders, sexual disability, premature ejaculation and micro- penis in men.
Sound waves cause neovascularization (new tissue) in genital system.

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