20 million people in America have experienced impotency. Impotency is the inability of the penis to get or keep erectile firm enough for sexual intercourse. Most men experience erection dysfunction from time to time but if this occurs frequently, then treatment is required. Medical factors that increase the possibility of erection disorders include diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, hormonal imbalances, prostate problems and side effects of some antihypertensive or psychedelic drugs. Psychological factors leading to erection problems include anxiety, depression, lack of self- confidence, sexual abuse history, religious believes that ban sex, fear of pregnancy. In fact, erection problems occur in both sexes because they can affect sexual partner both mentally and emotionally. Women may feel that their partners are not interested in them and by time, this turns into anxiety. Usingmorphine or drugs is one of the effective reasons of this disorder.

Treatment: after treating or ruling out the primary factor, impotency can be treated with a collection of herbal medicines, vacuum pump and its vibrator, diet, intellectual exercises and recommendations regarding foreplay, intercourse technique, acupuncture, vibrating condom, through 1 or 2 counselling sessions.

Treatment varies for each person and depends on age, occupation, culture, location, disease history and ….

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