Genital massage therapy


This method is in fact a rehabilitation movement; especially in people suffering from impotency or incapable of maintaining the erection long enough for intercourse. The aim is to force the blood flow into the corpora covernusa (genital cancellous tissue) to increase the internal pressure which causes small failures in the penis tissue. These ruptures improve during night by cellular proliferation and histogenesis.

In this method, corpora covernusa cell walls are enlarged and stretched by the movement of the device over the device. This leads to more blood entering the penis which improves erection mechanism.

By exerting constant pressure along the shaft of the penis, Jelq device helps to strengthen the tissue and to improve its growth which leads to better circulation and improvement of natural mechanisms such as firmer erection and controllable ejaculation and increase in the height and diameter of the penis. This effect is seen in both erection and normal state.

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