Magnetic ring (acupuncture ring)


Acupuncture science with a thousand years history in china is used in treating many diseases. A subset of this science includes magnet therapy, phototherapy and seed therapy. Professor Park in Moscow (the founder of SUJOK acupuncture) made many useful changes in Chinese acupuncture and used more simulation methods. Hands and ears function as the remote controls of the body (like we use remote control to operate television). Instead of using needles or magnets on the spine or other parts of the body (due to the possible risk), we do the treatment on the hands or ears which are the remote controls of the body.

As you can see in the picture, small and index fingers are like hands, middle and ring fingers are like feet, thumb is like head and neck and the palm is like abdomen and breasts. For example, each finger is made of 3 parts just like hand and foot which have 3 parts. Thumb has 2 parts just like head and neck and the palm has one part which is similar to abdomen and the breast. Now you can locate different parts of body on your hand. Ears are so much like a fetus in mother’s uterus.

Brain is the main commander of the body which signals to different parts through spine. The spinal way can be located on the midline of the index finger (left hand in men and right hand in women). Normally, this is from nails towards the end of the fingers, first positive pole and then the negative one. Now using two magnetic forces or rings, this path can be counteracted or strengthened (it helps to self- control). In order to neutralize this path, put the negative pole on the first joint of the index finger close to the nail and the positive pole on the second joint. As a result, the massage that is sent to the different parts of the body by the brain through spine, is counteracted by these forces. It helps to strengthen the resolve (in a short time, it helps the individual to not masturbating anymore. You should only find the path as the following picture) and the rest of the therapy is completed by a consulting physician.

This technique has been used in treating sexual diseases both in men and women for many years. In sexual disabilities, the direction of the magnet is changed, i.e. put the positive pole on the first joint of index finger near to the nail and the negative pole on the second joint. The cause of most sexual diseases is the weakness of the organ and the soul. Using these two magnets, you can resolve mental weakness and recover from the disease by help of a consulting physician completely.
How to use: use for 2 hours in day, then add 1hour daily up to 8 hours. Continue for 2 month. Do not wash your hand until 1 hour after removing the ring.
Caution: if there are any symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, anxiety or sever stress, it can be due to the fact that you have used the magnets inversely and you should displace them.

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