Penis traction devices (golden erect)



It is the most recent device in Europe for treating sexual inability, increasing size and correcting the deviation of the penis.


1. Definition

This device received European council certificate (type1) donated by European Union health authority. GEXL is made of a plastic ring at the base, 2 metal clamps and an upper plastic part with a strip installed on it. Plastic parts arenon- flammable.

Note: in order for easier slippery, it is better to use some oil between metallic parts of the device.

2. Types of GEXL

GEXL: for 10 cm penis, in erection

Mini GEXL: for 6 to 10 cm penis, in erection

Gold GEXL (for allergic persons): for 10 cm or more penis, in erection

3: Therapeutic uses

Non- surgical penis enlargement, impotency and premature ejaculation, correction of penis deviation, Peyroni disease treatment, treatment after surgery for penis enlargement, reconstruction and corrective surgery, diabetic patients’ treatment

Note: with careful consideration of recommendations, there would be no side effects. In individuals with premature ejaculation or impotency and those who need penis cancellous tissue augmentation, it is enough to use the device once or twice a week for 4 to 8 hours each time. The rest of the treatment should be completed by physician.

4. Penis size

Using a plastic tape, measure the length and diameter of the penis in supine position and in erection. Record the measures on the progress table.

Progress table

penis length normally   penis length in erection date  Month


5. The initial size of the device

The initial size of the GEXL and Mini GEXL is 9 and 6 cm, respectively. The size is measured from the lower edge of the ring to the upper side of the metal axis.

Calculate the initial size of the device for initiating the treatment. Use your penis size in erection minus 4 cm. consider the following example (in case of deviation,5 cm should be subtracted)

Penis in erection = 10-4 = 6

Therefore, the initial size of the device = 6cm

Now the size of the device should be adjusted to your calculated personal size. First, pull the upper plastic base. Then, bytwisting the metal piece, add the necessary size to reach your desired value. If the calculated personal size is less than the initial size of the apparatus, then the treatment should be initiated with a smaller device.

6. Adjustment time

Using duration                     size of the device                   day

3 hours a day                       the initial size                           week 1

6 hours a day                      add 0.5 cm to each side             week 2

8 hours a day                     add 0.5 cm to each side             week 3

7. Progress

After week 4, you can use the following methods:

The general method (recommended)     every 7 days, add 0.5 cm to each side             8 hr. a day

The specific method       every 3 days, add 0.5 cm to each side (in case of being physically active)                                                                                                                                 4 hr. a day

There is no need for consecutive use. Give some time for resting and during this time, massage your penis.

After month3, move the device upward gradually. Every 10 or 15 days, add 0.5 cm. It is not necessary to add every 0.5 cm in one time. Do it gradually. At day 1, add 0.3 cm and several days later you can add the remaining 0.2 cm.

Using the specific method described earlier, slow and limited results are obtained.

8. Using GEXL

Insert the silicon cache inside the opening, it is mandatory to use this. It is recommended to cover the penis with gauze or cotton. When penis is in supine position, release the glance of the penis. Then, bring out the penis so it remains extended when in supine position.

Now insert the end of the silicon cache inside the opening of upper plastic base. Cache forms a loop. Put the penis inside the loop and let the cap to be established on the upper base. Put your left hand on the upper base and use gentle pressure to make the device a bit shorter. Using pressure by left hand and right hand fingers, bring the glance out of silicon cache so the glance edge is placed above the strip.

Keep the glance in your left hand. By pulling from both sides, shorten the silicon strip gradually. Gently pull the skin downward so possible folding and pinching of the glance head is prevented.

The strip should keep the glance firm enough so it doesn’t get out of its place, but it should not be painful. With right hand, fix the strip towards gaps in the upper back pah, but do not use downward pressure in order to avoid from pinching the area. Make sure there is no folding at the head of the glance. Otherwise, pull the skin upward.

9. How to use GEXL

Be patient and organized, this is the way of achieving better results. In day 1, wear the device 10 times and remove it. Every 2 hours, remove the device so the penis tissues can relax and these breaks are mandatory. In advanced stages, give a break every 60 or 90 minutes. During the resting period, massage the penis gently.

It is recommended that when using the device, wear it upward with slight deviation to one side. Use loose underwear and pants. Every 4 days, clean the device. If not using the device for 15 days to 1 month, start the treatment with 1 cm decrease in the size you used last time. After using for 5 days, add 0.5 cm to it. Again after using for 5 days, add 0.5 cm and then continue like before.

10. Special cases

a) Correcting the deviation: you should wear the device opposite to the deviation. It is recommended to use it for 6 to 8 month. More than 70 percent positive results are expected.

b) Peyroni disease: use the device just like in deviation. It is recommended that a pharmaceutical therapy along is used along with this treatment.

c) Penis surgery: pay attention to the physicians’ advice and from weeks 3 or 4 post surgery, use the device.

d) Golden erect and hormonal therapy: faster and more significant results are achieved when it is used in combination with testosterone and under physician supervision. Hormonal therapy requires follow ups by the physician. Simultaneously, laboratory tests are necessary to exclude some disease. For more information, refer to the consulting physician.

e) Varicocele: cover the loop with a front and rear shield.

11) Precautions

Remove the device during exercise, urination and defecation.

If you feel any pain or bruising when using the device, remove it, massage the cap and wear the device again in 20 minutes

If the glance base is irritating, it is recommended to use double coverage, one around the glance and the other one should cover the end of the penis.

If in erection, do not worry because it is normal for the penis to move out of the device. If you feel uncomfortable or numb after removing the device, it is natural. It may be related to the frailty of the tissues under gentle pressure. It is also normal to feel uncomfortable every 2 hr. this means that the tissues should be relaxed. It is better to remove the device and message the glance and shaft of the penis for some time (2 minutes), then you can wear the device again.

Sometimes with no obvious reason, the device feels a little more irritating. Do not worry. The next day, everything will be normal again.

If there is slight swelling on the glance, do not worry. This is because of fluid retention (due to retraction of the penis) and it will be resolved with gentle massage.

If you have any injury or wound or in case of sexual diseases, do not use the device until after the completing the course of treatment.

Note: using drugs for treating baldness, anti-depressant medicines and some hypnotics and sedatives can result in reduced penis growth.

12. Ointments

They should be used precautionary. In case of allergy or soreness, do not use the device for 1 week. During this time, use hydrocortisone ointment once a day and a combination of vitamin A and vitamin D and Zinc oxide twice a day.

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