Vaginal exercise device (Golden Kegel)


Kegel is a vaginal exercise with increasing resistance which has been designed to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. It also can be used to treat frigidity in women.

Using kegel regularly leads to increased capability of vaginal muscles.

This new device helps to strengthen the pubococcygeal muscles, known as pc muscles which help in shaping the sling or hammock. These are placed under all pelvic organs and have the responsibility of 1) controlling the urinary flow and 2) supporting the bladder, uterus and rectum.

Golden keger is based on increasing resistance trainings for improving and repairing the weak muscles. Increasing resistance is a type of exercise which is usually observed in health clubs, sports clubs and medical and rehabilitation centers.

The aim of this exercise is to strengthen weak vaginal muscles which usually occurs as a result of childbirth, infrequent use, aging, hormonal changes and neurological disorders.

The advantages of Golden Kegel

- Control of stress induced urinary incontinence

- Improvement of women’ sexual function

- Lack of pain during intercourse in women

Slight urinary leak while smiling, coughing, sneezing or doing physical activities is called stress urinary incontinence. Millions of women have experienced stress incontinence and annually, billions of dollars are spent for surgical and pharmaceutical therapy in order to resolve this problem.

Golden Kegel offers a natural, inexpensive and non- invasive treatment to improve the symptoms of stress incontinence. After only a few weeks of using golden keger, women with stress urinary incontinence will be able to control their bladder.

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