Definition (N.S.V)


It is a simple and safe contraception method which is performed in 5 to 10 minutes with topical anesthesia using two special forceps. There is no pain or bleeding and no surgical blade is needed.


The history goes back a hundred years ago. In 1960s, after 60 years of research, it was approved by FDA as the safest, easiest and the most inexpensive contraception method. Hence, it has about 40 years of formal scientific history. Each year, 500000 men in America undergo this procedure with a 1000 dollar cost. In many states in china, most men with one child prefer to perform this procedure. In Europe, it is one of the most common techniques of contraception.

No scalpel vasectomy method (N.S.V)

This method was invented by professor lee sun chan in 1974. Since it is an easy method with no complications, it was introduced as the standard method of vasectomy to the world in 1986. Since then, millions of people have used it as a means of birth control with no concern.

Normally testis has two secretions:

  1. Internal secretion including sex hormones responsible for secondary sex characteristics (growth of facial hair and body hair, deepening of voice, masculinity) which enter the blood.
  2. Reproductive cells immature external secretion (spermatozoids) which passes through ejaculatory ducts and mixes with fluids from the seminal vesicles, the prostate and other glands to form the semen. Semen is stored in vas deferens until ejaculation.

Vasectomy using N.S.V method

This method is performed by topical anesthesia in which a puncture is generated in the midline of scrotum and testicular ducts. The puncture is expanded just a little. Then, using two special forceps, both right and left ductsare pulled out of this puncture and tied or sealed. After vasectomy, male reproductive cells flow are blocked and the immature cells stay in the testicles. But hormones responsible for male secondary sex characteristics still are secreted and enter the blood.

The advantages of non- scalpel vasectomy method

  1. No need for stitches and incison
  2. An easy and fast procedure which is usully done in 5 to 10 minutes
  3. No bleeding or other complications
  4. An effective method for birth control with 100% negative result in sperm test.

The reasons for choosing vasectomy

  1. The decision of having enough children by couples
  2. The need for a marital life free of concern and anxiety and full of peace of mind
  3. Permanent contraception
  4. Genetic disorders and the fear of having defective birth
  5. Special diseases in the mother and using medicines harmful to the fetus

Correctingfalse beliefs about vasectomy

  1. The person should be completely aware of the difference between castration and infertility because in vasectomy, the duct system of the male reproductive organs are cut but the hormonal flow is still the same while castration includes the excision of both testes.
  2. Sexual desire is not affected by vasectomy but indirectly due to the peace generated after the procedure, these desires are increased in couples.
  3. The semen volume is only decreased by 1 to 2% and the remaining has the same characteristics and it is not changed in any ways (color, smell, texture and …).

Recommendations before the procedure

  1. Take a shower
  2. Shave the genital area and the front portion of the scrotum
  3. Bring a tight underwear with you

Recommendations after the procedure

  1. Use an ice pack on the wound dressing for 5 minutes
  2. Rest for 24 hours, if possible
  3. Take a shower after 2 datys
  4. Avoid any exercise, heavy activity or jumping for a week

)Vasectomy does not interfere with normal activities(

  1. Do not have sex for 3 to 4 days
  2. Since the result of vasectomy in birth control is not immediate, for 3 month, a reliable contraception method should be used for 3 month until the remaining ducts are free of any reproductive cells.
  3. In case of pain or swelling, do not worry. Use a usual analgesic.

After vasectomy:

Two sperm tests and negative results showing the absence of in semen insure confirms that the procedure has been completely successful.

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